Optophysiological data analyses software


Documentation & tutorial:

(Tutorial guide) Tutorial.pdf

(Guide for using QuickFluo) Guidelines for using QuickFluo.pdf

(Guide for using FullFluo) Guidelines for using FullFluo.pdf

To apply the software on the examples used in the tutorial guide, download :

(Tutorial files) file tutorial.rar

Download installation program:

(OpenFluo1.2 for Windows 32 bits) OpenFluoV1_2win32_pkg.exe

(OpenFluo1.2 for Windows 64 bits) OpenFluoV1_2win64_pkg.exe

(OpenFluo1.2 for Linux) OpenFluoV1_2linux_pkg.zip

(OpenFluo1.0 for Mac) OpenFluo mac ex.zip

Download Open Source code :

(OpenFluo1.2 for Windows) OpenFluo win os V1.2.rar

(OpenFluo1.2 for Linux) OpenFluo linux os V1.2.rar

(OpenFluo1.2 for Mac) OpenFluo mac os V1.2.rar

Contact :

Fabienne Dupuy


Claudio Lazzari

Related publication :

Dupuy F., Casas J., Bagnères A.G., Lazzari C.R., (2009), OpenFluo: A free open-source software for optophysiological data analyses, Journal of Neuroscience Methods, 183:195-201.

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