2008-present. PhD student, IRBI (France).
2007-2008.  Master, University François Rabelais (France).
Bionics; Biomimetism; Aerodynamics; Insect flight.

Insect inspired artificial flapping wings

My thesis fits into a major scientific project on bionics and biomimetism, the ENTOMOPTER project. The aim of this project is to study insect’s flight aerodynamism and to understand the underlying physical phenomenon in order to help designing artificial flapping wings. This program, which is at the edge of multiple disciplines, is led by three specific groups: physicians, engineers and biologists. My contribution consists in modelling insect flight. Using a wind tunnel in combination with visual stimulations, I plan to have a butterfly Pieris rapae flying in free stationary flight. Two high speed video cameras will be used to monitor and            
The butterfly Pieris rapae is quite common in France. It is a good flyer with a relatively large body size, making it a suitable model to study flight

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