Ecology of Multitrophic Interactions &  Biomimetism
1998-present. Technician.
Insect husbandry, Micro- dissection, Scanning electro-microscopy.

Entomological sciences

With a background in biochemistry (Master), I undertake several functions in the Institute. First, I am responsible for the different insect husbandries. Most of them necessitate tightly controlled conditions (photoperiod, thermoperiod, humidity). This is the case for the several tropical parasitoid species we have, which are all included in the tri-trophic relationship theme (plant – host – parasitoid) developed in the group. My expertise allows me to detect rapidly potential anomalies in husbandries, like for example a sudden mortality burst due to acarid contamination or a weak reproduction rate. Secondly, my knowledge on insect biology serves me when monitoring populations (survival, reproduction and sex-ratio) for studies on life history trade off, but also for micro-dissections of genital organs.

Then, I have been trained to scanning electro-microscopy (SEM) at the Shared Services of the University (CHU Bretonneau). This ability is unique in the Institute and allows me to collaborate with several groups. SEM appears to be useful for several distinct projects: structure-function in spider webs, sensory organs in the wood cricket and the antlion, visualizing parasitoid eggs, and many other to come!

 Keywords :

Insect husbandry

Micro- dissection

Scanning electro-microscopy

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